From puppy and kitten age through to our senior aged pets, proper dental care is an important part of maintaining a healthy pet.  As a young animal, it is important to assess the alignment of the teeth and to make sure that the immature teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth in an appropriate time and in an appropriate location.  Our staff can recommend products and techniques to help maintain healthy teeth and gums through diet, tooth brushing and plaque reducing products.iStock_000009963933Large

As a part of your pet’s annual wellness exam we will assess the oral health of your pet.  Based on the findings of that exam we can make personalized recommendations for your pet to repair or maintain their oral health.
If a dental procedure is recommended for your pet based on the assessment of one of our veterinarians, it will be booked as an outpatient procedure for an upcoming day or referred to one of our local specialists.  As our pets are not as willing to lay back in a chair and say “ah”, all dental work is done under general anesthesia for both their safety and ours.  As well, a thorough assessment of problems below the gums cannot be done while the pet is awake.  We take precautions to ensure that your pet’s anesthetic procedure is as safe as possible.

Keep in mind that pets will often hide their discomfort, so dental pain is not always made evident by your pet turning up their nose at food.  It may be more subtle, like a decrease in activity level or not wanting to be pet around the face and muzzle.  If you suspect any problems with your pet’s oral health, do not delay in booking an appointment with us as periodontal disease is progressive!