Pet Nutrition

Proper nutrition is an important key to keeping your pet healthy, and with the number of different pet foods on the market it can be very overwhelming.  Don’t be fooled by the many foods with pretty labels, fancy wording and an ingredient list that we would like to eat.  Some of these foods are not properly balanced and have never been fed to animals before marketing, making your pet the Guinea pig.  It is best to look for foods that have the AAFCO statement or phrases such as “feeding trials” or “feeding tests” on the bag.  Animal feeding trials using the AAFCO procedures is a great way to know your pet will thrive on a specific food.  The wording on the food label is another way pet owners are easily confused.  There are many misconceptions and myths that we would like the  opportunity to dispel for you.  Talk to one of our trained pet nutrition experts to help you select the best food for your furry family member.